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Do you STRESS-eat?

I am totally guilty! However, it turns out that it might be even MORE important to eat right when you’re stressed since those “stress-eating calories” might lead to extra weight gain! That is according to a new study by Australian researchers. The scientists called their findings a potential “double whammy” effect on your weight and your health!

The study found that eating a high-calorie diet under stress can cause MORE weight gain than the same diet without the stress factor. Also the stress hormone, cortisol, increases when stressed which also makes you crave comfort foods. Higher cortisol levels increase belly fat.

👉 Check this out: “Under normal conditions, the body produces insulin just after a meal, which helps cells absorb glucose from the blood and sends a 'stop eating' signal to the hypothalamus feeding centre of the brain.” 🧠

“The scientists discovered that chronic stress alone raised the blood insulin levels only slightly, but in combination with a high-calorie diet, the insulin levels were 10 TIMES HIGHER than mice that were stress-free and received a normal diet.” Eventually their nerve cells became desensitized, which promoted more eating AND reduced calorie burning.

What’s the takeaway? Even though more research on humans needs to be done, it’s important for your general health to do your best to keep stress at bay! We keep learning more and more about the impact of stress on our well-being.

Whenever possible, if you’re stressed, make time for exercise, meditation, and sleep. Plus, get some fresh air and schedule a little social time! It also helps to keep healthy, lower-calorie snacks around (like fruit, fresh vegetables and nuts) so you aren’t tempted to indulge in comfort snacks! Have them prepared and ready to grab in food prep containers! These are great:



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